2014 in review

29 Dec

Selling Eternal LifeBryon Kemilla is a Seller of Eternal Life. I’m so relieved to not be buying the oldest con in history any longer!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 27 trips to carry that many people.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE  The end of the world is not in sight. California won’t have ‘the big one’ for thousands of years. Jesus isn’t coming in the clouds and the “Mind Gods” of Kemila’s never existed!!


2014 in review

29 Dec

2014 in review.


27 Feb


I’d like to touch base with you.


3 Dec

Alright, so Bryan Kemilla lied to us, he told us it was a lie right from the getgo. It’s no big deal, it’s happened before and it’ll happen again. That is what the mind of man does best, it deceives.

Update: December 3,2013    I started this post in August this year, and have finally gotten around to finishing it. I must say that I miss hearing from all of you guys, course I haven’t been putting up much to respond to. I will not be reading any more of the Illuminati Matrix so unless you guys write me every once in a while to let me know how you’re doing, I guess this is Adios. I’m hoping to get some response from this post and the Atheist Experience videos I put up. I am proud to state that I am an Atheist now, and would like to discuss the differences between what I consider the Illusional World created by the mind of man, and the Real World that our bodies experience through it’s senses.

Basically what I will try to do in this post is to show how the Matrix is another mind control system almost identical to the Bible’s script,; And that the faith in ‘consciousness’, a favorite of intellectualism and “spiritually inclined scientists”, not to mention Hinduism with it’s karma and reincarnation beliefs, along with all faiths or religions that hold beliefs of a supreme being that is the Creator of All Things. They all serve the same purpose of making Thought, which is created ‘only’ by the mind of mankind, not only the ruler over all animals including man, but the effing creator of all things. The following is why this mind thinks that has happened.

“The hypothetical heart and soul is the mind, that is ‘playing games’ with itself to keep itself occupied. The mind is the only thing in Creation that is born and dies, and it spends it’s entire short life ALONE, trying to convince itself that “some part” of itself will live forever; and no part of the mind, not the deity or the soul or the consciousness or the ‘divine’ spark has an AFTER LIFE, because there is no ‘after’ with something that has no beginning and no END. Life has no alpha or omega like the ‘mind of man’ does; The mind and all of it’s invented ‘personalities’ like it’s God, are the only things in all of Creation that DIE.”

I’m re-posting some of my blog “Thought has fooled us all” and will add some to it,

Mind is Thought convincing ITSELF with Knowledge-Thought-Words-ITSELF, that ITSELF IS ALL THAT IS.

Thought-Mind-Knowledge through Bryan Kemila’s Mind, which is It’s Self-Knowledge,  created a whole new set of demigods, the EGREGORE; Who are just as illusory, just as un-accsessable, and unexplainable, just as FAKE as another SET of demigods Thought created in another ‘Book of Knowledge’, well ‘KNOWN’ to many minds-persons-people, and illusory beings, the  BIBLE.

Side by side; I M vs Bible. Both have BEGINNINGS:

BIBLE: Genesis 1;1 In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth [all mater].

That is a perfect example of a HALF TRUTH, and HALF FALSEHOOD;  It was/is not an outright Lie.

The Godevil (Mind God) created the Heavens and the Hells.  The Godevil has NO part in the creation of Matter-Form-Life.

And then in the New Testament Thought again made it’s self God. Watch —————–

John 1:1 In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was “with” God, and the Word was God.2. He [Who? Thought written IS the Word] was in the beginning “with” God.

All minds-thoughts——-together now; “Who is God?”————THOUGHT!!!!!

ILLUMINATI MATRIX: Thought sure didn’t take long to claim  It’s self as the creator of EVERYTHING. It only  took the first six WORDS in the ‘Title’  of the first chapter to RECLAIM It’s self as God. The first CLAIM is in the NAME of Thought’s new Book of Thoughts the IM.

{Please, freely exchange the word ‘ thought’ with the word  ‘mind’ or ‘knowledge’ at any time you  would like. They are completely interchangeable.}

Say the initials (IM) five times, out loud or to yourself…………………………WOOAAH  Do you ‘get’ it? If you weren’t ‘saying’–I AM I AM I AM I AM I AM –well then this Mind will have to eat IT’S OWN WORDS.

BIBLE: i [mind]  don’t have chapter and verse on mind, but somewhere in time a mind was listening to it’s self; which is ALL mind CAN DO, is talk to It’s Self,. This mind said to itself “I AM God”, well  shit  ‘thought’ the first mind “that voice[mind] must be the creator God talking to little old me.” So the first mind asked the second mind -god, “What is your NAME God?  The second mind, God, said “I AM ‘that’ I AM. Well there mind goes, it gave it’s self the ‘I’ dentity of existence, AM. Just like ‘that’ mind gave it’s self dominion over all other minds, because all minds give them SELVES the identity of ‘I’. ‘Listen’ to your mind speak, ‘listen’ to all that It says it DOES. Mind-Thought DOES diddly squat, thought DOES NOTHING.

IM: Here are the FIRST SIX WORDS of the Title  of IM’s First Chapter, like Genesis, that gives the mind of man complete dominion, and Lordship as Ruler of All That Is.

It’s All In Our Mind

It’s-{It} everything that exists {is} All that is {All} is in {In} {Our} minds-plural {Mind} IT’S SELF; Mind -singular ALL THAT IS.

There is no god, there is only the luciferian mind of corruption that conjures up the 3D reality we are experiencing. In fact, the bible and every religious book written is inspired by the corrupt entity that governs the illuminati agenda. When I say every religious book, that includes every science text, every new age bestseller, every book on esoteric magic, every astrological/numerological notion … …

That entire paragraph is an outright lie.  It states that there is no god, and then tells you about the  “luciferian mind of corruption”  which is Bryan Kemilla’s  GOD.  “…everything!   Inluding the Illuminati Matrix, which I am now declaring is an official religion. Like all of the rest of them, you have to “watch and wait” until you effing die, or kill yourself “because it’s all just an illusion”, to collect your reward of “Paradise and Wisdom”; what a total crock of fear mongering bullshit this guy is putting out there.

I spent hours upon hours, over a year and a half reading this crap, and was fascinated by the coincidences shown with numerology, symbols and the obvious control of the elite PTB over the minds of the masses. I am not going to say it was a waste of time, as it has clarified for me just how devious the mind of man is,  in its effort to take over and control the lives of humans, as well as finding someway to experience an “after life” for itself. There is NO SUCH THING AS AN AFTER LIFE, there can’t be because life never ends for Creation, It is continuous for all matter. Only a mind is born and then dies….



17 Aug
No I wasn’t talking to you B,  I try not to “class” any fellow bloggers, they usually ‘class’ themselves by what they write. This statement of yours though really touches on a concept I would really like to refute, as it is the very basic concept that ALL religions and faiths (that ‘say’ they’re not a religion but definitely are), USE as the ultimate means of control, and that is the concept of death.
” When I kill something that was alive I realize I just released something that was put within that body.
“I would like to state that “It is IMPOSSIBLE to ‘kill’ anything”; No form, no matter the size, shape, origin, color, or age, ever dies. Never in all of Creation has there ever been a ‘loss’ of a life.
Now, in all of ‘his-story’, (by ‘his’ I am referring to the mind of mankind, so it could be ‘her story’ too)(by story I mean the delusional tale told by a mind of events of the Illusional world created by the mind of man, EVERYTHING DIES; every plant, animal, weather system, and a whole lot of gods and superheros die; Everything that is, except for the mysterious “Soul” or “Spark of Divinity”, created by the mind of man, THAT will live for ever and ever, and EACH soul will ‘look’ (without eyes to see) at the hypothetical ‘face’ of their LORD, and ‘walk’ (without legs) with their MASTER on the hypothetical golden streets of heaven.When in REALITY (the Real World), the ONLY thing that dies is the immaterial ‘mind’ and the likewise immaterial god and soul that it made up for it’s OWN ‘peace of mind’.Life is never “released” or “put into” ANY form. The form Is Life Itself, and Is what I call the “Visible Spirit”, and no matter the amount of destruction to this form, It Is Always Alive.

Let’s take a rabbit for example, when the form is damaged enough to cause an ‘animated’ being to become un-animated, we call it dead; But that flesh, that form is still very much alive, you can roast and boil or fry that form for how ever long you want, and that flesh will still be living. Bodies consume only Bodies (live bodies), which gives them energy to be animated themselves. Even after your Body cooks and consumes and digests that body, that body is STILL alive and rapidly returning to the Creator even when you eliminate that body from your own.

Yes I’m saying that even a ‘piece of shit’ is a Life Form, and to go even further; “Every piece of visible matter, from a grain of sand, or a feather, to a planetary Body Is Alive”.

Where the mind of man got it’s strongest and most deceptive concept from, was making itself and other minds beLIEve that “Life has an opposite, and that is Death”. Which is a total Falsehood. Life has no Opposite, the opposite of Death is Birth; Only minds are born and die.

There is no such thing as an “Afterlife” B, as Life NEVER ends. The only lives that end are the short illusionary lives of the immaterial existence of the minds of mankind.

Anything the mind makes up you cannot TOUCH, it is Immaterial and NOT Real.  The Soul, Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts, the Devil, Satan, Demons, Angels, Divinity, God, the Spoken Word, Corporation, a Relative, a Family (No you can’t, you can only touch Bodies} Heaven, Hell, Paradise, Love, Hate, Fear, Faith, a Silent or Spoken Prayer, Knowledge, Ignorance.
It’s ALL “Make Believe”, Made up nonsense; and the Mind and the God and Soul it created are the ONLY things that DIE.
The Body is the Creator, and It Is ONE.  The Body’s Life is Eternal.; And you can TOUCH it with Your Body.

John 14:6 Jesus said to Thomas,”The Body is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to Wisdom, but by the Body.:7 If you had known the Body, you would have known the Spirit also; henceforth you know the Spirit, and have ‘seen’ The Body.”

The Deceiver Mind had plenty of time to substitute it’s self created I Am for ‘The Body’, and the ‘Father’ for Wisdom. The Spirit which is the Body can be SEEN and Touched, and is the ONLY way to Wisdom.

Another ‘devilish’ trick of the God that the mind of Man created, was to add the dimension of IN to it’s holy scriptures. Example: John 14:11 “Believe me that The Body is the Spirit and The Spirit is The Body.”

John 11:25 Jesus said to Martha,”The Body is the resurrection and the life; he who believes me, though his mind dies, yet shall he(his Body)live, and whoever Lives and believes me shall never die.

Jesus could not “tell” the Way to the Truth and Wisdom and Eternal Life, it can not be ‘known’ or spoken of;  Jesus could only ‘SHOW’ the Way with the Body, the Visible Spirit that can be touched.

Jesus the Man showed the Way like no other man had ever shown It, and no man has since: Forty days  Jesus the Man spent in the desert with the Body, walking the Spirit in Wisdom. Jesus knew that the ‘Ruler’ of the world was Mankind’s mind and the good and evil God that it had created. Jesus told Us, John 12:31 Now is the judgement of this world, now shall the ruler of this world be cast out. Jesus was talking about the mind, the ‘I Am’ when he said that, and when he said “The Kingdom of God is WITH You”. Jesus did not say within you; that was part of the mind’s successful attempt to put the mysterious Spark of Divinity, or the Soul into the Body.

Jesus did not fast, or go without water; The Spirit provides bountifully for the Body that walks in Wisdom, and is One with Creation. Jesus showed even more the “Works of the Spirit” when the Body of Jesus the Man multiplied Fish and Loaves of Bread for the multitudes, and when the Body resurrected the ‘seemingly’ dead, and when the Body healed the Bodies of the sick; And then Jesus told Us,  John 14:12 “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes me will also do the works that ‘I The Body’ do.”

Just a small word ‘in’ has confused and mystified billions of minds, while controlling those minds with the fear of death of the Body, which never dies; only the mind and the Name given it will Die.

John 14:8-17

Philip said unto Him, “Jesus, show us the Spirit, and it sufficeth us.”

Jesus said unto him, “Have I been so long a time with you, and yet hast thou not known The Body, Philip? He that hath seen The Body hath seen the Spirit; and how sayest thou then, ‘Show us the Spirit’?

10 Believest thou not that The Body Is  The Spirit, and the Spirit Is The Body? The words that I speak unto you I speak not of My Mind; but the Spirit that Is The Body, It doeth the works.

11 Believe Me that The Body Is The Spirit, and The Spirit Is the Body; or else believe Me for the very works’ sake.

{The Body does ALL of the creating, ALL of the ACTION; And the God that the Mind creates takes all of the credit for Creation and ALL the Mind does is ‘Think” and Controls with it’s Thoughts and words.}

12 Verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes Me, the works that this Body does, his Body shall do also; and greater works than these shall his Body  do, because  The Body Is The Visible Spirit.

13 And whatsoever your mind will ask the Body, that will The Body do, that the Spirit may be glorified as The Body.

14 If your mind shall ask anything of The Body, The Spirit will do it.

15 “If ye love The Spirit, keep The Body’s  commandments.

16 And The Body will BE the Spirit, and The Spirit shall give you another Comforter, that  Wisdom may abide with your Body for ever.”

17 even the Spirit of Truth, whom the world controlled by the Individual mind cannot receive, because it seeth The Body not, neither knoweth The Spirit. But ye know The Spirit, for  The Spirit  is your Body, and shall be  you.

The Soul is real, it comes from God. //The mind is the Spirit// contained within the Soul/body. Example: Speaking into a tape recorder, the voice/spirit speaks into a machine,a.k.a. tape recorder, which transmits the message to an audience. Your Mind only thinks it’s in control, it is not in control. The Spirit is the Master of the [mind]. The Spirit moves, and has a life source, Gen. 1:2 David,it might do your “mind” some good to stop making up facts to justify your antagonism towards God.


Souls don’t have bodies Deb.  The voice of man is created by the body, the brain and the larynx, under directions from the mind:   John 14:14 If your mind shall ask anything of The Body, The Spirit will do it.

So the spirit is that little mysterious thing, that abides in the soul, that no one knows where it is. The ONLY life source that the spirit that you speak of is the mind which only creates thought. The Mind is the Master of the spirit you’re referring to.

The Spirit that I’m talking about is in every atom of every molecule of every single thing that exists in Creation. The Spirit Is Creation, and it is very Real, and very Touchable. This is what Jesus the Man was trying to tell you, and SHOW you; But You have chosen to believe IN him as one more demigod that the mind has created, Instead of just believing him like he asked you to; and then you crucified him.

This recent realization has done my mind an Illusional World of good. It realizes what a farce it has managed to pull on itself, and it no longer has any animosity towards the non existent deities that it had created. It also realizes that it has a very limited time here on earth, and that it not going to reincarnate, or be born again, or wait in some paradise for some mythical Christ that will NEVER come, or go to some made up heaven or hell. David’s mind knows now that when it dies… ‘That’s it’ no more thought ever; my mind and all of it’s ideas and made up God and Soul will never be heard from again; no one’s mind or soul housing some undefinable ‘holy spirit’ will ever be heard from again. My mind now knows that the Body that created it Is the Creator and that the Body, that Is the Spirit, has Eternal Life.

Jesus was trying to save you from the ‘Controller’ of this World and the False God’s it has created for thousands of years; And you crucified him.

“And then you crucified Him”. This was His mission on earth David.” 1 Corinthians 15:17 “And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.To quote Jesus/Yeshua: “I have come that they may have life, and life more abundantly.”(John 10:10) “[I have] come to seek and to save that which was lost.”(Luke 19:10) “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus/Yeshua: for he shall save his people from their sins.”(Matt 1:21) And finally: John 6:35 “And Jesus/Yeshua said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. 36 But I said to you that you have seen Me and yet do not believe. 37 All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out. 38 For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. 39 “And this is the Father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day.”

Replace the “I Am” with The Body and take out the insidious ‘in’. Father should read Spirit-Body. The mind is the only thing that ‘gives and takes’, loses or gains. Life and the Spirit do none of those things, and they don’t ask for credit for creating everything in existence, nor do they ‘need’ to be worshiped or exalted. Only the very insecure “gods of the mind” need (eden-deen) those things. The Body which is the Spirit has no needs or desires whatsoever; those and all ‘feelings and emotions’ are created by the mind of man.

Can’t you see Cheryl how the minds that assembled the scriptures found the perfect way to make yet one more Father-Son Sun God out of the man Jesus. Gods that were invisible and created everything who some how impregnated a virgin who birthed the Son of God and was crucified or destroyed in some way; Is one of the oldest and most repeated ‘God Stories’ that there is. I could give you examples of those but I would be repeating myself. In every case, the Son/Sun is killed and resurrected on the 3rd day of the Winter Solstice, thus the suggestion “And if Christ be not raised, your faith is (in) vain.” In other words,”If you don’t believe in this part of the god/fairy tale (without any physical evidence) then your faith-beliefs are in vain.
Jesus’s Body was delivered from a Body, on the Body Earth from a Body that joined with another Body that created his Body. His Body, the Creator was just like our bodies, it was created on Earth and never left Earth
Jesus was trying to save you from the ‘Controller’ of this World: Your mind, and the False and True God’s it has created for thousands of years.

Jesus knew what was going on for sure, but the way the mind’s god was able to go spell with the written word, the message he was delivering didn’t stand a chance. His ‘I Am’ was the Body the Spirit, his mind was the ‘Kingdom of God’ that he said was With Us, not within us. The mind of Jesus was the only thing that died when they crucified his body. The Body of Jesus returned Home to the Creator just like all Forms or Bodies, The Body; And LIVES, It’s Life never starts or stops. No Life ever has ever been ‘lost’, only minds lose and Die.  Just Believe Jesus and you will realize Eternal Life NOW; continue to believe IN him and your body will still have eternal life, but your mind will never know it, as the soul, ego-identity, god and devil will die for good when the mind that made them up dies.

That’s true Gold but He do not force Himself on anyone. Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and MANY there be which go in thereat: 14 ” Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto LIFE, and FEW there be that FIND IT.” This tells us that everybody is not making it Gold.
David Fricke

The Mind-God that can come up with the scariest ‘After Life’ story, that will condemn to Eternal Torment the MOST Trillions of souls…WINS.Here is a couple of questions for you Cheryl: 1. How is the Soul of Man tormented for eternity if it’s physical body supposedly has died? 2.If it isn’t the physical torture of flesh being burned off of your bones, it must be a ‘MENTAL’ torture correct?IMO “You can only ‘mentally’ torture a MIND. The soul is created by Mans mind in a desperate attempt to have eternal life. The entire bible was written for the objective of the mind to first Control with fear, and through deception convince itself and other minds that it alone has eternal life.A mind’s life span is really very short, 70-85 years is the norm. The human body could easily stay a functioning entity for 600-800 years, if it didn’t have the heavy heavy burden of the Illusional World that the mind of man has created.There has got to be a way for the minds of this world to convince themselves to cooperate with the Body, the Spirit instead of controlling it as it has for thousands of years.I haven’t found a way to explain it properly I guess. When someone does, I believe it will usher in a truly Golden Age for the mind and Body of Man.
david their holy indoctrination is their life,,their mental misconceptions of the heart is welcomed and supported to match the rest of their trained minds,,,,i say they mean well,,but let those that are deceived be deceived ,,just like no one is ever taught about corporate government slavery ,just drink their koolaid and serve the elite bullshitters of the church and state.
Welcomed and encouraged to be sure. Are you “letting” the ignorant about corporate government slavery, remain deceived about it?The god and spirit, or holy ghost that they worship are nothing but thoughts accumulated and and then accepted by their Egoic Mind as part of it’s IDENTITY of WHO they are as a person.I know that the mind of an individual will defend that ‘identity’ to it’s own demise or death, and so I’m not expectant of, or am I looking for some one to say “Oh I understand what you’re saying now David” any time soon.I do think that it is possible that the Ego of a mind, the identity of ‘Who’ we are, can experience ‘death’, and a relinquishing of control of the illusionary world it created, without the mind dying; Along with a REALization of WHAT they are is the Body, which is One with Creation, and that the Creator is the Body of Creation It’s Self. I think that the mind of man can “have”-“know” Eternal Life while the mind lives.
John 11:25 Jesus said to Martha,”The Body is the resurrection and the life; he who believes me, though his mind dies, yet shall he(his Body)live, and whoever Lives and believes me shall never die.

Agreed, bullshitting is the demonstrable and successful method of controlling the minds of the masses.

It is amazing to me how quickly the mind of man will bend it’s hypothetical knees to the Authority of a made up deity, created by ‘itself’ out of thought.



31 Jul



31 Jul

The mind is real because it is created by the Human Body, the brain to be exact. The mind is something because it also creates, the mind creates thought.

In all of Creation, which has no beginning or end, the human mind is the first thing ever created that did not have a Body, the only thing ever created that was ‘immaterial’.  Everything else had form, and was a body.

mind [maɪnd]
1. (Psychology) the human faculty to which are ascribed thought, feeling, etc.; often regarded as an immaterial part of a person”**

In the Alpha-Beginning of the mind, the mind ‘needed’ a body, something material so that it would have a ‘presence’, a reality so that it’s self and other minds would take it seriously. The first immaterial ‘form’ that a mind had was the word; A word  ‘thought’ is just as immaterial as the mind that created it, but the ‘spoken’ word had a much greater effect and control over the minds that were spoken to. The spoken word though was just as ethereal, as a word that is thought.

The Mind eventually found a way to bring It’s proposed body the word, into actuality, into physical ‘realness’ when the Human Body created the Written Word.  The control that this written word gave to the mind was enormous;  A combining of words into groups created another body for the mind. that being the body of ‘Knowledge’.

The Mind could now get down to the very serious business of Naming everything under and including the Sun. The written Word soon became the Mind’s World. The world that the mind created, the mind took credit for creating; who else was there to take credit for this illusionary world? The mind became the ruler, the lord, and the deity of this world that it had created, and the creation of deities became nearly a full time occupation for the mind. Starting possibly with the clever Name The God Thoth, the mind created gods willy nilly. Where ever there were human beings there were minds to be molded and controlled by the Word of God.

Man is the only animal in all of creation that HAS a mind, that HAS an Ego.
Where was thought 10,000 perhaps 10 million years ago? What was creating life form after life form, Body after Body producing, creating multiple varieties of itself; Life ‘creating’ more Life, more Bodies evolving, creating more Life?

May I suggest it WAS NOT THOUGHT. The mind is unable to create a single material object; The mind is able to Name objects, count them, categorize, list, delegate and subjugate them, and the mind is more than ready take credit for creating everything, and give that credit and glory to the God that the mind created.

Man’s brain developed- evolved enough, approximately 6,000 years ago to produce a mind that had the capacity to produce thought. This Thought was eventually complex enough to reproduce, re-create a basic element that had been around for an eternity, FIRE.

The mind thinks of it, and the Body, the Spirit does it, and has for every single ‘Invention’ from the wheel to a Space Station. The Body Creates it with it’s own two hands and a magnificent Brain.
The mind has ‘thought’ of every word in existence, but the Body Creates the Written Word; it is the Body that writes it, not the mind.

The first ideas, stories, and concepts were not written down, but were depicted by pictorials and drawings of events such as the hunt for food. Symbolism and numbers were also created and used by the mind to effect control of Mankind, but none of these effected the control of It’s self and other minds like the Written Word.

The most important achievement of the mind, in this writers opinion, was the ‘gift’ of I-dentity to I-t’s self. Along with the ‘Naming’ of an individual, an Ego is created by the mind; this Ego gives this newly ‘born’ mind it’s first sense of I AM, it’s first sense of I exist. From then on, for the duration of this new mind’s illusional ‘life’, the mind that the Body created will identify It’s self with the mind; The final Authority of It’s self.

Below this are a few more examples of how the mind has claimed ‘ownership’ of the body that created it, and has taken complete possession of almost every function of the Creator, The Body. This was done by the creation of the ‘Soul’ which is ‘The Mind’ making it’s self Holy, giving it’s self Divinity. Placing It’s self in all the parts of It’s “Hypothetical” Body, the Heart being the most widely used, but even to the extent that some minds to this day believe that the “Soul” is carried by the most prolific ‘Regenerative Body of Life’ the Spermatozoa. SMH

His story;  By this stage of the mind taking possession and control of the ‘Body’  that created it, mind had already convinced It’s Self that It, [the soul] was the only ‘part of man’ that was going to exist forever. Sadly, for mind, just the opposite is True. The mind, soul, God, the divine spark ‘within you’ are the ONLY things that are going to DIE.

Early philosophers were divided as to whether the seat of the soul lies in the brain or heart. Aristotle favored the heart, and thought that the function of the brain was merely to cool the blood. Democritus, the inventor of the atomic theory of matter, argued for a three-part soul, with intellect in the head, emotion in the heart, and lust near the liver.[138] Hippocrates, the “father of medicine”, came down unequivocally in favor of the brain. In his treatise on epilepsy he wrote:

Men ought to know that from nothing else but the brain come joys, delights, laughter and sports, and sorrows, griefs, despondency, and lamentations. … And by the same organ we become mad and delirious, and fears and terrors assail us, some by night, and some by day, and dreams and untimely wanderings, and cares that are not suitable, and ignorance of present circumstances, desuetude, and unskillfulness. All these things we endure from the brain, when it is not healthy…

Hippocrates, On the Sacred Disease***  Can you guys see how the mind, which is what Hippocrates is talking about here, is solely [souly] responsible for ALL emotions, all ‘feelings’??

Along with creating the I AM, the Soul, and more deities than a mind could count, The mind created the Word and concept of ‘Consciousness’;  which of course is It’s Self, Thought. This Deity was and still is one of the most controlling aspects of the mind, and was the most prevalent and  widest used ‘Belief System’ for ages, and is still widely used today.

Below are some of the things that are still not known by the vast body of knowledge about IT’S SELF.

Through much of history, the mind was thought to be separate from the brain. Even for present-day neuroscience, the mechanisms by which brain activity gives rise to consciousness and thought remain very challenging to understand: despite rapid scientific progress, much about how the brain works remains a mystery. The operations of individual brain cells are now understood in considerable detail, but the way they cooperate in ensembles of millions has been very difficult to decipher.***

The following section will show the vast separation between the brain mass of an animal that can not produce a single thought, and the brain mass of a human animal that produces thought endlessly with very little control of itself.

The brains of humans and other primates contain the same structures as the brains of other mammals, but are generally larger in proportion to body size.[59] The most widely accepted way of comparing brain sizes across species is the so-called encephalization quotient (EQ), which takes into account the nonlinearity of the brain-to-body relationship.[56] Humans have an average EQ in the 7-to-8 range, while most other primates have an EQ in the 2-to-3 range. Dolphins have values higher than those of primates other than humans,[57] but nearly all other mammals have EQ values that are substantially lower.

For mammals, the relationship between brain volume and body mass essentially follows a power law with an exponent of about 0.75.[35] This formula describes the central tendency, but every family of mammals departs from it to some degree, in a way that reflects in part the complexity of their behavior. For example, primates have brains 5 to 10 times larger than the formula predicts. Predators tend to have larger brains than their prey, relative to body size.

Encephalization Quotient Species EQ[56]
Human 7.4–7.8
Chimpanzee 2.2–2.5
Rhesus monkey 2.1
Bottle nose dolphin 4.14[57]
Elephant 1.13–2.36[58]
Dog 1.2
Horse 0.9
Rat 0.4         **

One of the Roles or Titles that this mind named David has assumed in order to “make a living” in this Illusional World created by the mind, was  a ‘Canine Behavioral Specialist’, or as commonly referred to as a ‘Dog Trainer’.

Make no mistake, the animals that I was teaching were the the ones with minds that only thought they owned the dog they wanted under control or trained. During the ‘In Home Evaluation’ which is where I would determine whether or not I would accept them into training, I would lie to their faces, telling them that the cost of the training would be determined by the age of their dog, the number of problems their dog had and the severity of those problems; Total bull shit. The cost of the training was completely determined by this mind’s judgement of how readily the owners would accept this minds instructions and follow them to the letter. It was also determined by how much I thought it would be necessary for them to ‘spend’ to make it worthwhile to do the work they needed to, to end up having a trained dog.

The toughest concept that I had to get the minds of my clients to accept, was that when we are working with an animal like a dog or cat or a horse, we are not working with a brain that has a thought process; We are working with a brain that has an ‘instinct’ process. Not a single solitary thought has EVER been generated by your dog’s brain. This is why “A dog is a mans best friend”, it is because they DO NOT HAVE A MIND. If they did have a mind, believe you me they would figure out a way to leave your ignorant presence in a heart beat.

As far as that goes, if mankind were not the exclusive owners of a brain that produced a mind, the species of animals called human would have been extinct ages ago. The senses that guide the instinctual behavior of most mammals and vertebrates and especially primates are far superior to those of a human. Can you imagine what kind of a world this would be, if all animals were able to think and be able to create Lording, Domineering Gods in THEIR OWN IMAGE??

“Of course animals think”, you might be saying;  Well honestly I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. Man has been projecting thought into animals since day Two; Genesis 3:1 Now the serpent was more “SUBTLE” than any other creature that the Lord Mind had created.

Definition of SUBTLE

a : delicate, elusive <a subtle fragrance> b : difficult to understand or perceive : obscure <subtle differences in sound>
a : perceptive, refined <a writer’s sharp and subtle moral sense> b : having or marked by keen insight and ability to penetrate deeply and thoroughly <a subtle scholar>
a : highly skillful : expert <a subtle craftsman> b : cunningly made or contrived : ingenious
: artful, crafty <a subtle rogue>
: operating insidiously <subtle poisons>*
Right from the start of ‘story telling central’, The Lord God is telling you that even the lowly serpent is characterized by or requiring mental acuteness, penetration, or discernment. A snake has a mind, a thought process, a subtle one at that. What a crock of shite. What a pack of lies.
Disagree or agree, this mind couldn’t care less. What I would like you to do though, is think about how virtually every nursery rhyme,  countless bedtime stories, all cartoons, and many child and adult movies are about ANIMALS having conversations with each other, their ‘friends’ and their ‘enemies’ and of coarse with their human companions. Think about how you project thought and feelings and emotions in to just about every animal you perceive. “My dog is so smart-dumb” “Look how intelligent that bird is to build a nest like that” and on and on.
 It’s no wonder humans think that animals think, they have been told that since before they have memories of being told anything. “Your Teddy Bear loves you so much”. Not only that but the human mind has also projected it’s own make believe Soul into there beloved pets, so that they will be able to see their little dogie again some day.
I’m not saying that pet owners shouldn’t ‘talk’ to their pets. Words are necessary to give commands, reprimands and praise; But the owners should know that their pet does not “understand” the words you’re speaking. Their ‘instinct’ is ‘aware’ of your every gesture, the way you hold your body when you are angry or happy; the tone of your voice is what the dog hears, animals do not ‘listen’ they hEAR. Animals don’t ‘perceive’ things they ‘observe’ things. Animals use sounds to communicate with offspring and the ‘instinctual’ brains of other animals.
Every living creature that walks, crawls, slithers, tunnels, flies or swims on the Body we call Earth, does so without a single solitary thought. All animals  without exception, besides the human, are guided by Instinct, which is Wisdom, which is Life. These animals are living and experiencing the Real World; a World without Thought, a World without Words.
Man has instinct also, we all have a primal brain that controls every cellular function in our magnificent bodies without missing a beat or a breath; This instinct is covered up, ignored, and even laughed at by the extremely domineering and controlling mind of Mankind. 
Knowledge and thought leads or follows, it never Guides; Instinct and Wisdom Guides in the Present Moment, and has no memories of past moments or speculations of future moments. Wisdom and Instinct have no knowledge, knowledge and thought contain NO Wisdom, and have no Instinct. The mind and knowledge INSTRUCTS, the Body and Wisdom SHOWS.
A Body never sleeps or awakens; A Body Rests or is Active, awareness is always ‘aware’ of the Body’s surroundings, a Body can be instantly Active and act with Wisdom in a split second. If you’re thinking of the deep sleep of a hibernating Bear, that we are told occurs in the winter; Well go up to, if you can get that far, and poke a sleeping bear with a sharp stick. You will soon ‘know’ just how fast Awareness and Instinct can be ready for full action.
A Mind must sleep, it becomes dead to the world, unconscious of it’s surroundings, out like a light. If a mind doesn’t sleep it becomes disoriented and it’s thoughts become chaotic, and unreliable. Only a mind needs to ‘awaken’ to become ‘alert’ and be able to perceive and listen. A mind is never aware, and it’s thoughts are never wise.
The mind is a wonderful thing and because of the mind, Man is the only animal that has knowledge of  the existence  of Creation, the only animal in all of Creation that ‘knows’ anything. Think of how many things, since the beginning of his story, that the mind has ‘thought’ of , has invented and then is created by the Body with the Spirit’s Wisdom, that has transformed ‘Thought’ into something that is Real, something that can be TOUCHED; And think of all of the new things that will be thought of and then created by the Body, but these objects will always pale in comparison to the splendor of objects and living beings that are created by the Creator, The Body.
When I say Body, I am not speaking only of the Human body, I am speaking of the Body of the Universe which created Planetary Bodies out of the Body’s of Stars, right down to a one celled amoeba Body that creates another Body by dividing it’s self endlessly. When two living breathing bodies join to create a new body, regardless of species, an egg body called an ovum which is a haploid cell, is created by another body  the ovary, and released into the fallopian tube; every atom of every molecule of that cell is brimming with Life which is Spirit.
Another body, a haploid cell called a sperm, is created by a Body called called a testicle. Like the ovum, the sperm is completely vibrant with Life; when these two Live gamete cells join and a zygote is formed, a new Body is formed from the joining of two Live bodies. Life does not stop or even hesitate, neither does it start in some ‘mysterious’ way. There are no mysteries to Life, there are only mysteries in the mind and the individual gods they create.
If a mind questions another mind’s beliefs or questions the Written Word, which is often referred to as the Scriptures, that mind will be called a ‘FOOL’ and the old standby quote will soon follow, “God works in mysterious ways”. Such poppycock!!!!!